Photographs of Minor and Major Problems We Find in Homes Everyday in and Around Akron Ohio

Aluminum branch circuit wiring- Immediate Safety Hazard

Improperly installed shingles at roof valley- Active Leaks

Furnace flue pipe is rusted with holes- Carbon Monoxide was leaking into the living space of the house. Immediate safety hazard.

This picture show where the main electric service conductors enter the house, the wires have damaged insulation with visible wire showing and are in contact with the aluminum downspout. This condition has the potential to energize the entire gutter system or the house itself, a deadly safety hazard.

This picture shows evidence that an old porch was destroyed and its contents left under the new porch/deck. Look where the bottom stair of the new deck actually sits on pieces of the old concrete slab, this area has settled so the owner uses pieces of brick or block to void the areas that have settled.

Defective roof flashing
Federal Pacific Electric Panel- Immediate recalled safety hazard
Bathroom fan exhausts into the attic, damaging roof sheathing
Electrical safety hazard
Inadequate attic ventilation, damaged roof sheathing

Active roof leak, damaged roof sheathing

Leak around chimney in the attic, damaged roof sheathing

Structural movement at the basement foundation wall, with handyman bracing!